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Affordable fine art prints, sized for impact.


..from the archives of Henry Arvidsson Photography

 Rather than collecting pixel dust the thought of sharing more than 30 years of photography popped into my head. WeSyns the Swinglish merger of We and Syns, the Swedish word for being seen. Together it can mean "see you" which kind of sums it up. After getting my first SLR in 1980, there was a lot of Tri-X and D76, followed by an evening course in photography at the University of Stockholm. Things got more serious after a stint in the UN Peacekeeping Forces in Southern Lebanon (UNIFIL). It opened the doors to the Photojournalism program at the International Center of Photography in New York.  A few months after my graduation Iraq invaded Kuwait. This eventually lead to an interview on the 30th floor of the UN HQ and a ticket to Baghdad. The journey was planned for a few months but I moved on after five years as the UNSCOM Chief Aerial Inspector/Photographer. A dozen years with a day job verification of the destruction of Chemical weapons followed as did the camera on trips over the world. A tenure policy put an end to that in 2014 when the passion for photography again took center stage. Curiosity is still the driver, the camera the way to record it. The images on this website are the record.   


Pop out pieces compliment a home

Create a focal point with a unique Limited Edition print , choose between...

A contemporary, luxurious and lustrious look popping off the wall. Large pieces in limited editions

Printed on various material such as dibond, plexiglass or textile at least 140 x 100 cm (approx 55x40")  

The picture shows a 180x120 cm print on textile


Escape the cubicle culture or calm your clients

Fan of France or Italy or US? Perhaps Bali, Thailand, China, Middle East...??

Perhaps curated collections of flowers, astonishing architecture or just colors....

Wherever your thoughts wish to wonder they return with fresh ideas.

WeSyns have a selection for you.


Eye catchers for an empty wall

WeSyns beleive in the highest quality and print inhouse with archival Vivera inks on Hahnemuhle baryta paper. All images are printed free of watermarks.

Two sizes:

90x60 cm (approx 36x24")

60x40cm (approx36x24")